We are a company small in size but BIG on ideas; best friends from high school lucky enough to say we live our dream: Working together and having fun doing it! We strive to find a way to make this world a more beautiful, practical place to live. Turning spaces around and witnessing our client's reaction after our work is finished is the best part of our day. Our favorite word is "WOW! and we do everything in our power to make you say it. When it comes to style, some people say "less is more", but we think "just right" is better. We have a contemporary, simple style that's trendy, but always elegant. Using nature as our inspiration, our work incorporates the outside environment inside and the result is a timeless, cohesive space that makes you feel good...and proud!


A Puerto Rico based design firm with broad experience in interior and exterior design, decoration and remodeling of residential and commercial spaces. Our main goal is to maximize your area's potential adding perceptual and tangible value as well as functionality and an exquisite touch.

Established in 2002, deKör works hand in hand with customers to turn an ordinary place into a breathtaking, elegant space. We take on each project as a new challenge, working throughout the conceptualization, development and supervision phases until the space is complete and you are a happy client.


We offer 3-D design using a computer program which helps you visualize your space's potential and facilitates decision-making as well as materials selection. This convenient service can help you maximize the design process giving you a hands-on approach on your project's progress.